About Making It Happen

Who We Are

Making it Happen is a super department of SA Online, a web based marketing and administrations service provider, which combines several very high level service providers and industry bests; creating, as such, a one of a kind collaboration of services, which in turn, delivers profound results across a very diverse range of industries.

Our level of expertise, professional experience and industry affiliation cannot be surpassed. Makingithappen.co.za has the internal programming to deliver unlike any other company. Our services breach several industry extents and can successfully oblige every enquiry.

Whether your requirements relate to film, radio clip, celebrities, PR campaigns, extreme tours, corporate clients, producers or ideas people, we can deliver your request easily, quickly and professionally.

We Provide


Companies, People and Products.


Stage, Festivals, Concerts and more.


Companies, People and Products.


Shows, Sitcoms, Adverts, Documentaries and more.


Adverts, Programs and more.


Local and International. Big Names.


Social, Promotions and more.


Development for Companies, People and Products.


Corporate and VIP.


Companies, People and Products.


Brands, Products and Services.


Research, Planning, Roll out, Logistics, and more.

Tour Management

Corporate and VIP.


Corporate, Private and Celebrity.

Skills Development

Corporate, Private and Celebrity.

Destination Management

Corporate and VIP.


Events, Media, Promotions and more.

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Making It Happen