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Making it Happen is a specialized service provider and offers a selection of specialized branding services.

What is branding:

Oddly, branding started with the branding of cattle in the early years. This was to establish a visible mark in which consumers could see who the cattle belonged to. In trade, this helped distinguish quality from, let’s say, skinny or often plagued livestock. People became loyal to the varying brands. It also proved helpful when cattle were stolen, the brand assisted in identifying the owners.

Today, however, branding has changed a great deal but remains true to some of its founding roots. Branding serves to differentiate one brand from the next; to be segregated from its competitors and ultimately remembered by its intended markets; to gain consumers who will remain loyal to the brand as a preferred name.

What we do:

We assist your name, product or business with various components to achieve the above results. Some of what we do include product branding. For instance, put your brand on several product items, like pens, dairies, gifts and gift bags. This is also used for in-house branding in relation to corporate gifts and office accessories.

We do various print designs for menus and brochures as well as oblige novelties and hampers.

We also assist with banners and pop ups, vehicle branding, corporate branding and promotions, to name a few.

To put our services in perspective, let’s envisage a corporate year end function with branded ashtrays and glasses or other such items. Additionally, to be in good standing you might send out corporate gifts to suppliers or clients. The gifts items can be branded or the gift packaging could be branded. The same principles apply when hosting workshops or other such events.

Further, you may have a new product or sister company opening up and need exposure and branding. We can assist with brand promotions or branding events to fulfill this purpose. Service personnel walking around in branded clothing, set up banners and draping, provide branded gifts for the guests or display the tables with branded items, again, like glasses or ashtrays.

There are several ways in which to achieve successful branding and the creative concepts are endless. We offer a vast selection of branding services that fulfill the immediate concepts as well as provide services on a more administrative and technical level, such as web design, annual reports and corporate identity management. There is no limitation to our capabilities.



Bunting refers to festive decorations and is often used as a trim on outdoor displays as a means to communicate brand. These displays are often in the shape of triangles and are made of either fabric or plastic. We have printing partners and can help you design branded bunting for outdoor events or in store displays.

For further information with regards to our branding services, please peruse our service options below or consult our agency with an enquiry.

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