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The film industry is a force stronger than most production sectors. This is one of the most elite and complex areas of production and requires an intricate level of service and professionalism. Making it Happen is a specialist service provider and can assist film requirements locally, internationally and have on offer some big industry names. Our film affiliation is proudly kept and our industry capabilities are beyond any other.

Our film services are designed and directed to give our clients specialized access to achieve professional and successful results. With that said, we understand that different ventures require different services, while others may need big package solutions to oblige film requirements from conception, to production to end result and after. In other instances, assistance may be required for pre-production. The different service requirements depend on the specifics of each brief. With that said, we also offer services that ascertain good standing relationships with regards to the legalities and government restrictions relevant to your specific film production. These are elements that are crucial to the successful execution of film production and will result in big losses if not properly obliged. It is of high importance and we can assist with the right support to satisfy the law.

Beyond the stringent annoyances like legal prep, we also offer creative and concept assistance, like story board artists, for instance, and then the most obvious requirements like editors, script writers, actors, directors, location assistance and so on.



In the film industry, development refers to that time before shooting commences. During the development process, financing for the film is secured and logistics, such as film location and budgets are finalized. The development period can take long, but through our film services, we can assist in shortening the development process through our film industry experience and partners.

Our film company offers a complete compilation of film services. There simply cannot be better than us. For further information about our film services, please peruse our service options below or consult our agency with an enquiry.

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