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Making it Happen is a specialized service provider and offer a selection of services directed at a diverse market. We operate nationwide and through our expertise and affiliation ensure our clients that there is nothing we cannot do for them.

We are a full marketing company and offer the best in marketing. We are experts in this field and can confidently say no competitor can surpass our level of excellence.

As marketing specialists and business owners, we understand the fundamental necessity behind marketing and the role it plays in the success of any business. In addition to this, we also reserve a clear understanding of the different marketing strategies and how to drive your business or brand forward.

Marketing is the art in which you bring awareness to your business or brand; to make your name visible and persuade your targeted consumers to take action. To make your client press the BUY button…or the enquiry button, at the very least. To achieve this you must have a clear understanding of effective, tried and tested marketing methods as well as know your consumer market. Additionally, you also need the right resources and continued professional assistance. We are a specialized service provider and we can oblige your marketing requirements without fault or hesitation.

However, when getting into marketing, it is important to understand that there are several ways in which to achieve successful marketing. With that said, it should also be known that effective marketing is a continued endeavor and not a once-off magical solution. Just one example is online marketing. Many people opt for the # one way in which to gain exposure, purchasing a website. With a website comes the option to optimize your content through SEO and Google add-words. While this is effective, it is an option that requires continued upkeep. It is not something you do one time and BAM success forever.

If you choose to include social media as an addition to your marketing strategy, it has to be up to date and current. Social posts need to be obliged on the reg, otherwise you fall behind… And here at our marketing company, no man is left behind. We offer a selection of effective marketing solutions as well as other services so designed to drive your business forward, because your success is our priority.


Direct Marketing – Keeping it old school.

Direct marketing is one of the oldest forms of marketing and still has relevance in this day and age. Sometimes, customers appreciate the personal nature of direct marketing. Direct marketing is a concept in which you send your customers physical materials, which allows them to connect with your business on a personal level. Through our direct marketing services, we can help you find channels of distribution as well as provide a consultation on effective direct marketing.

For further information about our marketing services and solutions, please peruse our service options below or consult our agency with an enquiry.

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