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Making it Happen is a specialized service provider and can oblige a variety of requirements as well as assist all production types, regardless of size and nature, through our production company. Our professionals are experienced and possess a wealth of industry knowledge. Our level of service, unique concepts, industry experience and affiliation leaves us undefeated in all areas of capability and quality.

Production is the art in which several industry elements come together to produce a video or other form of production. Examples of production would be movies, short films, documentaries, YouTube videos, even slide shows and audio works are considered productions.

Different production types, serve different markets. For instance, corporate videos may serve company profile purposes or product advertising. Creatives might use production to illustrate their graphical or other talents, and where celebrities or even striving artists are wanting to ad motion to audio or vocal works, production is utilized to create music videos, for instance. There are also YouTube entrepreneurs and production is part of their everyday work.

However, to achieve any of the above mentioned productions, several segments need to come together. This means, sound editing, video editing, attaining the right equipment, having a director, script writer, actors, models or even photographers. Of course, the requirements pertinent to your productions will depend on the type of production. It should also be noted that production is a thriving market. The need for production services are in demand. That is because we live in a visual era. People would much rather watch than read. It is the most effective form of content and surpasses all others. With resources like YouTube and talent festivals, amateurs also have a shot at production based opportunities. Equally, production professionals and corporates have also profited from this technological benefit.

Production extends also to fields like training and is utilized at festivals, concerts, web videos as a way of marketing and even promotions.

However, to achieve the above a lot of planning and preparation is needed, as well as the continued assistance of professionals. Depending on the type of production, you will need finances, scheduling and budgets; talent, location, equipment, staff, set design and know that there is such a thing as entertainment law.

Management elements include conceptualization management, pre-production management, finance, marketing and distribution research and management.


Film and Media Services.

Tracking down a reliable film and media provider can be a daunting venture, especially if you are just stepping into the industry. Knowing which providers are reliable and offer a quality service is a skill in itself. On the others side, if you are knowledgeable about the technical specifications and rates, it can be just as formidable. Through our services, we can remove the headache of finding reliable film and media providers at affordable prices.

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