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Making it Happen is a specialized service provider and offers a range of high level services to a diverse high level market. Our expertise and industry affiliation outrank any other service provider on excellence, capability and delivery.

We are a full TV company and offer a selection of specialized services to ensure the success of your TV production.

The needs in the television industry are many and require a high level of skills. To achieve success in your television production a lot of ground work needs to be established first. The very first thing to consider is a budget, because television, if not properly managed and prepared, can run into a monumental amount of additional and unforeseen costs.

Within your budget, you must consider all the elements which are relevant to your project.

This may include script writing, sourcing actors and extras, possibly voice artists or models. Of course, a production cannot be produced without the necessary equipment and professionals to man the equipment. You may need to consider the inclusion of special effects, character rigging and animation, and video editing.

But ultimately, the services you require for TV productions depend on the type of production you want to achieve. For instance, you might need graphic design services instead of actors; sound production services instead of script writing; production equipment instead of logo development; design and layout services instead of set design, and so on.

We have a wealth of services available in which to oblige your TV requirements. Some of our areas of service address a ore technical side, where others address an administration aspect. In addition to this we also offer services that relate to the law and rights.


Score Composers.

All television productions require a score. Think about it, how odd would it be if an emotional scene played out with no background music to support and signal the emotions of the characters? Score composers create a mood with their compositions, and in doing so, draw the audience into the piece with music that they can relate to on an emotional level… From high action, to an emotional reunion, to a tragic death.

For further information on our TV services, please peruse our service options below or consult our agency with an enquiry.

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